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    Trevor Thompson

    Just thought it might be of interest to share some research with other owners who have meths fired cooking equipment on their Atalantas.


    There is an upserge in interest in small self contained room heaters which run on BIO-ETHANOL. This fuel is suitable for replacing meths to cook with. In fact it burns slightly hotter (which is a good thing) and it does not create that eye watering smell which you get with Meths (in the UK anyway).


    It seems to be widely available throughout Europe. Certainly available in Iron mongers in Italy (which is of particular interest to me at the moment.


    The best price I have found so far is £5.00 per 2 litre bottle from the B&Q wharehouses. Unfortunately demand seems to outstrip supply, and while I have found the price marked on the shelf – and the fires for sale next to it – they had run out when I enquired. I will let you know when I actually find some on the shelf.

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      Dominic Dobson

      quick google amazon lists 5litres for £15.20  or 12litres for £34.60 comes in 1 litre bottles I think if your ok to wait you can get it free delivery also various suppliers on ebay just search bioethanol fuel

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