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    Nick Phillips

    A year of Anniversaries (aren’t they all?)

    60 years of the AOA coincides almost exactly with 50 years since the start of the 1968 Golden Globe Round the World Race.  This race happened at the height of the Atalanta story.  At the time I wasn’t old enough to follow it but since then I have been fascinated in both the concept of the race and the stories that ran through it: John Ridgway and Chay Blyth cutting their sailing teeth before retiring from the race; Robin Knox-Johnstons’ triumph in Suhaili; the tragedy of Donald Crowhurst in Teignmouth Electron (has any one seen the recent film ‘Mercy’ about this yet?); Moitessier abandoning the race on the way home in favour of just continuing with another 1/2 circumnavigation; Bill King and his junk rigged Galway Blazer II.  These names were the heroes of my early sailing years and their books and books about them still fill my shelves.

    I have been fascinated by the putting together of the 2018 Golden Globe Race.  Read about the 19 sailors taking on the non-stop, no outside assistance race around the world on their website Golden Globe Race.

    Golden Globe Race 2018

    The website is full of facts about solo sailing and insights into the boats and people entering in 2018. The stated aims of the race are:

    • To create a unique ‘RETRO’ non-stop solo around the world yacht race, in the image of the original Sunday Times Golden Globe that draws sailors back to the Golden Age of ‘one sailor, one boat’ facing the great oceans of the world.
    • To organise a race where adventure takes precedence over winning at all costs.
    • To professionally manage an event where the sailors skill and traditional seamanship alone, rather than modern technology or support crews, gets them home and where the achievement truly belongs to the skipper.
    • To give sailors of all ages an opportunity to race solo around the world safely, in a fleet of similar and affordable yachts in the spirit of Suhaili.

    I love this concept and commend you all to follow the race. Their site will include a live GPS driven position chart and constant news feeds. And I love the fact that they are building a fleet of ‘Joshua’ replicas for a repeat of the race in 2022.

    If wonder if Helene would make it……

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      Fairey Mary

      Well I have registered for their updates 😉

      It looks like a truly international lineup.  I wish them a safe and enjoyable trip (and hope somebody from the UK wins;-)

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention Nick.

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