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    Nick Phillips

    Unlike the Emperor’s new clothes, Atalanta Mary’s new all over cover is looking tremendous.

    Alistair has commissioned an all over cover to keep the Mediterranean sun off Atalanta Mary.  The cover has been made like a dinghy cover, in once piece with a zip between mast and bow to allow fitting.

    As Atalanta Mary is in Pisa Helene was used as the ‘Dressmakers Dummy’.  Helene’s scaffold tent and the weather mean that the picture of the final fitting session are not as clear as they could be, but you can get a feel for how effective the cover will be. (Atalanta Mary doesn’t have a Pulpit which is why the cover doesn’t look right at the bow).

    The cover maker has kept patterns – if you fancy one yourself, contact Alistair for contact details.



    20160528_142740.jpg  20160528_142757.jpg  20160528_144222.jpg

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