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    One of the problems in moving to a new website is how to avoid losing all the useful material contained on the previous site. We might consider copying material from the old and pasting it into the new, but this would entail a huge amount of work, even if it were shared out.

    A better solution would be to place a link on the “old” home page directing everyone to the “new” site, whilst still keeping the old material as long as needed. Then, on the “new” site we include links back to the “old” pages so that anyone wanting to view the archive can do so.

    Eventually of course, we will want to close the “old” site down altogether, but hopefully by that time we will have updated most of the useful information and added it to the “new” site. For example, ma lot of information about individual boats is already out of date, and updated information and photos could be usefully be added in individual “Blogs”.


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