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    How to insert a photo or other image

    Adding a photograph (.jpg or .png) to your posts is relatively simple, if not the most intuitive.

    The example below uses a ‘Reply’ screen but the approach is the same if starting a new ‘Topic’.

    Position the cursor where you want to insert the image.
    Make sure that you select the Visual tab and click on the image icon.


    After clicking on the image icon the following pop-up box will be presented. Enter values as indicated.


    Pressing OK will insert the photograph.

    Having inserteed a photograph you can change the caption and / or the size of the photo by clicking on it. This will re-open the ‘Insert/edit image’ pop-up as above.

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      Thanks for this.

      How do I start a new topic- it says scroll down to start a new topic- but there doesn’t appear to be a link at the bottom of the page?

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      Hi – many apologies for the confusing signposting on the Forum. There is a stray ‘scroll down to start a new post’ message at the top of the screens to view a topic or a reply to a topic.  I will fix this and make the different forum functions easier to use but it will take a few days as it is not simple (for me).

      In the meantime, to answer your question:

      To start a new topic first navigate to the Forum where you want to create a topic:

      Having ‘clicked on’ your chosen forum title you will see the list of recent topics and there will be a valid ‘Scroll Down. to create a new …’ message at the top of the page.
      If you scroll down you will find the form to create a new topic.


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