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    Doug Odgers

    Am thinking of fitting a NASA Marine In Hull depth transducer.

    But all Internet talk is about the X’ducer looking through GRP  –  will it look through an Atalanta Hull ?

    Nasa depth transducer

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      Trevor Thompson



      It is most unlikely to work through the hull. GRP and laminated timber behave differently.

      I would fit it through the hull. I have had one that was permanently fitted with the connection through the hull and thew current transducer it fitted into a proper tube so that it can be removed for cleaning. Identical to a log installation. Very rarely need to do that with the echo sounder transducer but you certainly do with a log.



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      Richard James

      Hello Doug,
      When I was looking at the same idea in 2014, I received conflicting advice. I didn’t want to drill a hole in the hull, so I fitted a transducer carefully on the transom, as close to the centreline as possible. Occasionally, if really heeled over, it will go into memory, but if I ease off for a couple of seconds, I get a depth reading quickly. I connected it to an old Garmin Fishfinder display and it works well.


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      Mike Dixon


      I was aware of Colchide’s set up.  But learnt something new with Trevor’s insight about the signal not penetrating a wooden hull.

      Like Trevor’s installation, I already had a through hull hole, as well as both internal and external shaped pad pieces which follow the contour of the hull so that the transducer’s face sits horizontally.

      Only slight problem is that it is very close to the boat’s centreline – which to be fair is where it ought to be – and risks fouling the trailer if I don’t watch it carefully.

      Good luck!


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      Doug Odgers

      Trevor, Richard and Mike,

      Thank you all so much, excellent good guidance.

      I should be okay installing through hull – many years ago I drilled through my ply Silhouette and fitted X’ducer between tides – ahh, the optimism of youth!

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      Fairey Mary

      Mary has a transducer fitter into a pipe bounded end on to the inside of the hull.  The pipe is full of linseed oil I believe, which the transducer sits in.

      But she has the old NASA with the sweeping display and LEDs giving echo strength.  I believe the results are meaningful and I would love to say I haven’t hit the bottom yet.  But there are those amongst us that know that would  be a lie.

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