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    Cameron OConnor

    Hello, my name is Cameron O’Connor.  I live in Portsmouth, UK.  I recently (accidentally) discovered the Atalanta 26 online.  I was actually researching dinghy cruising.

    Immediately upon seeing these boats I was fascinated.  I am reading what I can online, but would love to see one of the boats in person.  Are there any in my area, and possibly someone willing to allow me to have a look?

    Though no longer pursuing it as a career, I have prior boat building experience (glassfibre, composite, wood).  I also attended a two year wooden yacht restoration course at IYRS (International Yacht Restoration School), in Newport Rhode Island.



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      Richard James

      Hi Cameron,

      It’s great to hear from you, especially with your boat building experience. The good news is that there are 2 very different Atalantas very near you. The first, Emma Duck, is in Emsworth Marina.

      Since 2008, Emma Duck has been laid up in Emsworth Yacht Harbour in West Sussex, under a robust tarpaulin. Prior to coming ashore she did however have a brief dip in the harbour, attributed to the rudder blade bridle wearing through, allowing the blade to drop on a falling tide, but she is now fully dry. Having sat under a cover for 9 years, she now needs rubbing down, undercoat, paint/ varnish, but is sound.


      Jobs required:

      ·        New engine, or complete rebuild of current 1974 Volvo engine.

      ·        Some toe-rail section replacement.

      ·        Repair to foredeck near stemhead.

      She is for sale for £500 ono. Most importantly, we would like to know she is being looked after and cherished because she’s a lovely boat and deserves more attentive owners.

      With a concerted spring refit, Emma Duck could once again be collecting admiring gazes on the water this summer!

      Please contact Louise Ennis on 07709 353741, or louiseenniscomms@gmail.com


      The next is A15 Artemis II, which is in Prinstead Marina. Please PM me at sec@atalantaowners.org and I’ll give you the owner’s contact details.

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