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    Richard James

    A89 Colchide went back into the water at Levington yesterday, which got us wondering if there are any other Atalantas or their derivatives on the water and sailing yet, in this our 60th anniversary year – 2018?

    We believe Murray Reid is still working on A87 in NZ and we are waiting to hear back from owners in the southern states of the USA and Croatia. We believe the boats in Canada and Austria won’t be on the water yet.

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    Nick Phillips

    Well done Richard. Early April is a great achievement! And just in time for the sun too.


    How’s that new prop?

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    Paul Jones

    Brother Jack is still in the water from last year albeit without sails at the moment but by the end of next week they will reinstated and out to do some shakedowns on her.

    Also need to do a bit of a hull scrub so might find a nice sandbank mid solent to drop onto for a bit of a low tide scrub off 🙂



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    Fairey Mary

    Mary is about to go back in.  I went out and ‘slapped’ paint on the bits I can’t get at easily.  By which I sanded back and put a couple of coats over the incident with the bouy.  But the application of copper anti-foul where the keels had hit the bottom was less precise.


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