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    Richard James

    I am interested to hear what keel bolt seal lubricant, if any, others use.

    My personal favourite is silicon grease, as used in a new rubber impellor as it will not attack the rubber.

    Others use underwater grease, but some feel this expands the rubber.

    Some use other readily available greases.

    Then there’s Vaseline which is also recommended for impellors.

    Finally there’s the popular glycerol.

    What do you use?

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      Dominic Dobson


      i never bothered but I suppose the deep waters of the Clyde are different from the muddy ditches of East coast, once the keels were down at start of season they rarely if ever came up until the lift out.

      Hope your well



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      Nick Phillips

      I have always thought that lubricant is only really any use wile the pump is dry, after changing. Once there is water flowing that is sufficient. Some kits come with silicon grease. I generally grease the shaft a small bit of ‘keenol’ (kept in the engine bay for the stern gland), but do nothing with the rubber.
      One thing I was always told never to use with rubber was vaseline, as its softens the rubber over time, but on an impeller it probably won’t there for long?

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