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    Richard James

    The AOA is running short of keel bolt seals, so Nick and I decided to have a look around to see if any new suitable products had come to market since the AOA bought the last batch over 9 years ago. The spec of those was:
    Neoprene 70 Shore dimensions are 1 1/4” ID and 1 9/16” OD by 1/2” length and they cost £1.30 each in 2012.

    That spec matches Fairey drawing # 24169.

    The ID and OD translate to 32 mm ID and 39.7 mm OD & 13 mm length.

    Online I found Peroxide cured Silicone tubing 32mm ID x 38mm OD, so a bit shy on OD, but would that seal properly once nipped up by the huge keel nuts? The cost of this silicon tubing is £12 a metre, so works out at less than 15 pence each.

    Nick and I are interested to hear what others have used.

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