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      Fairey Mary

      OK, possibly because I have lived in Australia for a while but I am of the opinion that a lanolin based grease has a number of uses around the boat.  But I am not so silly as to not ask your opinion before liberally coating everything.

      It appeals because it is salt resistant, and a few other hippy reasons.  I have read of Robin Knox-Johnson using it in his round the world trip and its usage goes back to the voyage of St Brenden.  I have also heard of it being used by north sea fishermen to keep their hands warm.

      I was wondering about its merits for greasing the keel moving parts.

      Any thoughts?

      After much searching I found .  I avoided lanocote possible for patriotic reasons but this turns out 1/4 the price by volume.

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      Trevor Thompson

      An interesting thought!

      I was wondering about something along the same lines – but I had been thinking about the propeller grease which you see advertised. Initially because there was a lot of barnackle growth on the prop and shaft this year, but also because it might help reduce the barnacles I get between the keels and along the sand keel.

      I cant see any harm in using it on the keels.

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