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    Mike Dixon

    We just heard that sadly, Maurice died last Friday 20th May, aged 94.  He will be remembered by many members personally and by many more as the provider of wise, sound practical advice on a range of topics.  His daughter, Liz, reminds us that Maurice built A184 Aquilo II.



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      Richard Hall

      Although I sold Aquilo about two months ago I am sure her new owner will get as much enjoyment from her as we and the family have.

      We are very sorry to hear that Maurice has died. He did indeed build Aquilo. I had contacted him as Drawings Master back in 2004 to get some drawings to remind me what I liked about the Atalanta. We got talking and found that in1967/68 he built up A184 from a bare hull (with keel boxes) and separate decks and bubble. This was in his garden in Winscombe. In fact just over the road from my wife’s, Carol’s, uncle Peter. Carol’s uncle used to relate that he used to go over and spend time with Maurice while he was working on Aquilo. Carol also believes that Maurice’s daughters went to the same school that she did although a few years after, but at the same time as her cousin Claire was there. When he discovered I was interested in getting an Atalanta he mentioned his boat, Aquilo, was probably for sale at MDL at Hamble Point Marina. He even volunteered to come down and check it over with us. This he did. And while Carol settled herself comfortably in the main saloon he and I scrambled onto her deck (she was on her trailer), he quicker than I. It turned out he knew her inside and out and every screw and fixing, and gave me a detailed run down on what was OK and what needed looking at. We repeated the exercise below decks and outside. She was in very good condition apart from some damage caused by being stood outside for several years.

      I duly bought her and after replacing the engine and making good, she’s been giving us very enjoyable times sailing around Weymouth.

      Thank you very much Maurice.

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