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    Doug Odgers

    I’m sure my t’internet skills have let me down as I can’t find how to send a  message to Mike Dixon.  I am getting closer to acquiring an Atalanta as the use of a barn is now more likely.

    But it has no security, and Mikes ‘shed’ looks an option, in side the barn.

    I appreciate, total security is an impossible ask. I am mainly thinking of a shed to work on the boat.

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      Hi Doug

      Sorry for delayed response.

      You should be able to send a message to Mike using the ‘Website User Lists’ link in the list of links on the right hand side of the page.

      This lists all users under ‘Members’ or ‘Non Members’.  Clicking on the name of the person brings up their profile and their email address.

      Your comment has reinforced a view that the home page is getting a bit full / difficult to follow.  I would welcome ideas and  suggestions to improve the website for users.

      Let me know if this doesn’t work.

      Cheers, Nick

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      Mike Dixon

      Hi Doug – very pleased to hear that acquisition is getting closer!  Regarding “shed within a barn” suggest you give me a call – number in the year book. Email address ought to be good too – I notice the entry in the yearbook has been underlined which might give the impression that some or all of the email address is underscored.  It isn’t!  Hear from you soon.


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