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    What experience is there for the combination of a drying mud wallow and Titania keel slots?

    I may be able to keep Harrier in such a berth this summer which is less than 2 miles from home!

    If it comes available I was planning on pulling any sticks out but is there any more advice from members?


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      Trevor Thompson


      Calista is afloat all the time on her mooring – so I cant give a definitive answer.


      However I don’t think you will have a problem. When she is sitting in the mud it will be wet mud – so it should not cause the keels to stick. I would leave the keels with a small amount showing in the hope that as the tide rises the keels will emerge from the slots slightly. I would hope that would keep them free.



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      Mike Dixon


      For many years I had Gellie, T4, on a drying mooring in Stonehaven.  The mooring dried to softish mud – the sort where you definitely don’t want to stand for too long in one place – and never had a problem.  She formed a slight hollow beneath the hull and always remained plumb upright.

      In your case, I wouldn’t hesitate!

      Cheers Mike

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      Nick Phillips

      I kept Helene on a drying mud mooring.  Generally all okay. I originally left the keels right up. I twice had issues with the keels not dropping immediately when being lowered after being left, but both times the mud pushed into the boxes let go after a few seconds. The first time I hadn’t paused after a few turns and there was a bit of a clonk!

      But loosening the clamps and leaving the keels dropped an inch or two sorted it and didn’t have any more problems. The slight working of the keels on settling and floating off helps the mud stay loose. Best loose off the keel bolts though to minimise unnecessary wear.

      And Helene is still moored on a drying mooring with Jim, although not quite a ‘mud berth’..

      So, there shouldn’t be any issues.  If the mud is really soft and time between going sailing / dropping them is long, leaving them slightly down is a good idea.

      It’s worth noting that over the years many Atalantas have had drying mud moorings.

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