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    Doug Odgers

    Have a look at  A90’s  new listing, she’s now called Jenaka (Malay for poem) and has been subjected to much nomenclature.

    BUT here’s an antidote to the ‘old wives tale’  –  I bought ‘Lazzarella’ in 1980, going up from my 17′  Silhouette to a huge Leisure 22′ . Those were the days when even thinking of affording a 26 footer was purely delusional !

    Now I knew that transmitting the vessel’s name phonetically to the Coastguard in a May Day call of such duration I would have perished !

    But that ‘old wives tale’  – so I kept the name.

    To wreck a boat in Poole Harbour is nigh on impossible – they all end up being craned off the sand untouched.

    Lazzarella decided one night to leave her mooring, found not one storm water pipe, but two, at exactly the point where the pipes crossed each other to make   an X .

    At exactly the X cross point she settled and split longitudinally  from stem to stern  !





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      Dominic Dobson


      A90 has had a number of names Panda, Mourne Goblin, when I bought her she was called Navare Celeste although she never sailed under that name, I reinstated Mourne Goblin as that was the name on the impressive Part 1 registery blue book, I also served on ships which had name changes my first assignment as cadet was a new build and called La Estancia a few years later I returned to her with the same management company but new name Chelsfield never could work out why she’d been re named only thoughts are that the owner had changed, Buries Markes the company that owned her originally and who I worked for called all their ships La —— as originally I believe they ran ships out to South America. So I don’t think name changes matter but I’d never have a green boat as that’s bad luck (A90 was green when I got her soon stripped and repainted)



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      Mike Dixon

      What’s in a name – or colour for that matter?

      This thread co-incided with an article I was reading last night, written by Tom Cunliffe.  He was expounding on a trip in fog and relates that all mariners need to heed the five “L’s” – latitude, log, leadline, lookout and not to be forgotten, trust in the Lord!

      So with this in mind, I guess it does no harm whatsoever to appease the Gods, so changing a boat’s name or painting it green (and other bits of folklore) are probably best avoided.

      Having said that, I was forced to change the name of the Titania (to Gellie) as the previous owner wanted to keep her name for his new boat.  When I sold the boat, the new owner chose to change the name again, so I elected to change the name of  A31/4 to Gellie.

      As to colour, Atalanta was originally painted green by Faireys and I have chosen to repaint her in the original colours.  Only time will tell, but as she started out pained green all those years ago, she isn’t doing so badly so far.

      As to big ships – the best one I ever sailed on was pale eau de nil green.  The most depressing ship I ever sailed had a  black painted hull and as far as I know, never changed her name.

      Dom – we need to swing the lamp sometime!



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