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    Timothy Mallette

    I’m making an effort to model the Atalanta 26 in Delftship.  The 11 x 17 scans are a challenge with or without a microscope and my progressive lenses.  Does anyone have a better Table of offsets from plan A24167 or 24168? Thanks, Tim Mallette



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    Fairey Mary

    Is it worth super-imposing this over the blueprints?

    They should provide a reasonable sanity check.

    Can these measurements be used for modelling drag etc.  See the blog on “How fast can we make an Atalanta”.

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    Timothy Mallette

    It is possible to super-impose the lines by scanning and scaling.  This might be what I have to do, but I’d prefer to start

    with better original offsets.  The scaling of paper plans that likely stretched before scanning is also introducing error.

    In regards to drag, yes the model can be used for full hydrostatics including adjustments of trim.  The keels are modeled as separate components and then attached.  Cheers, Tim.

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