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    I just changed several links on the “old” website so they point to relevant pages on this new one:

    • “News” now opens the News section of the new forum. With hindsight it seems unnecessary to have two categories for these kinds of messages so “News” and “AOA Discussion” are rolled into one.
    • “Boats for Sale” opens the Boats for Sale & Wanted section. I noticed would-be purchasers posting messages here hence the “& Wanted”. As an aside, it’s really a shame there aren’t more buyers in North America, still so many boats available.
    • “Forum” opens a temporary page which explains what’s going on, and that can probably disappear after a month or so.
    • “Contact Us” points to the new site, where there is now a “captcha” to stop various unwanted little messages being generated.

    And I nearly forgot – the Atalanta line drawing is in the header bar! That leaves “About AOA” which is the next task, including opening the Shop.

    Finally I am very glad we’re restricting registration on the new site to AOA members. Since we’re all putting a lot of voluntary effort into it, I think this is a very reasonable deal.


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