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    Stephen McCann

    Dear All,

    Has anyone put an outboard bracket on an Atalanta before? It’s my interim solution before I change propulsion next year when i have money, to get up the Hamble against the flow – I reckon even 2.5hp would get me moving – I was Goosewinged with full engine on Sunday and only doing just under 1 kt. I plan to buy one of the retractable ones so that it can sit out of the water completely and will balance the moment with stuff in the forecastle.

    Thanks in advance

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      Mike Dixon


      You raise some interesting issues.

      Let me be upfront – I have no experience of an outboard on the aft end of an Atalanta.

      Balance – a small outboard on the aft end is not going to be much of a trim issue unless you also have an 80 kg person perched on the aft end operating the outboard.

      The propeller need to be well immersed – the last thing you want is the propeller to come out of the water when the boat porpoises in strong wash or swell – so long shaft essential.

      But I suppose my main concern is practicability.  One person is on the aft deck operating the engine; another person is on the foredeck ready to anchor or pick up a mooring; a further person is (probably) in the cockpit ready to deal with sails.  Co-ordinating that lot will be interesting – not impossible, but interesting!!

      Good luck!


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      Stephen McCann



      thanks – i plan to use it for extra oomph when battling the tide as my Farymann is still lacking puff until i work what is wrong/change it around (will write up my plans here soon) So it will be fixed and when i get to a mooring/harbour it will be switched off to use inboard engine only for anything that requires deft manoeuvres! I’ll ise one of the retractable brackets to dip it in/extract as required. I’ll need to drill thru and make a plate on the inside

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