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      Fairey Mary

      On the way back from West Mersea the wind picked up as I entered Felixstowe.  I am not sure if I have done this before but this time I took a photo.  I don’t have stanchions and prefer the boat upright.

      Putting a reef in when hove to using boom reefing is remarkably calm job.  I am sure this can be done with slab reefing but I have not tried that.  But as I do this single handed I am glad not to be letting sheets fly as I point her into the wind.

      Yes she was somewhat on her ear, the swell wasn’t too bad but enough to notice sliding sideways down waves.  I am pretty much standing on the keel boxes when doing this, but standing in the companionway is protected.  I don’t feel the need for stanchions but when I get a little exposed I crawl around the cockpit and usually clip on.

      A quick look at the plotter indicated I was making about a knot downwind.

      But it comforting to know I can safely de-power when needed.  To be honest it probably wasn’t needed but best get the practice in…

      reefing hove to

      [Webmaster comment: this post was created back in September but due to my mistake not published then. Apologies.]

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