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    Doug Odgers

    Alright, so I’ve messed up somehow!

    Dominic Dobson who did the excellent recovery of A90 asked why I wanted to remove the keels as they were fine.

    My response ‘Like Hillary to Tensingh  “Because its there”  ‘

    Well that will teach me to be a smarty pants !

    Starboard keel lifting fork will not fully re-engage onto the encapsulated keel lifting pin on the keel to the extent where I can  pop the retention bolt that secures the horizontal flanges together.  (I did not remove keel hoist mechanism from port keel).

    I have lots of theories of how I got into this mess, however, moving on …

    ….  Paper D  talks about removing the thick pivot bolt of the Hoist Mechanism anchor plate and removing or lowering the whole mechanism.

    This would give me full access to the end of the hoist fork.

    Guidance and warnings please.




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      Dominic Dobson

      I removed the mechanisms when I first got the boat to renew bottom part of stirrups which were corroded, no issues that I can remember just need to support the keel


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      Doug Odgers

      Hi Dominic,


      That’s really helpful.

      Many thanks,


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      Hello, I’m Looking Into Buying a Fairey Atalanta 26.
      While it is on Dry Land I would Like to Service the Keels & The Lifting Hoist Mechanism,
      Also, How do I Check the Keel Capsule is OK & Water-Tight ?
      Is There some type of Overhaul / Service fo the Whole Lot ?
      THANK YOU. Andrew.

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        Hi Andrew
        The keels often represent the biggest concern to prospective and current owners.
        In practice
        – the whole design / mechanisn is much more robust and tolerant that we might think at first
        – the AOA have technical papers and members with enormous experience to help you

        If you are thinking of buying an Atalanta I would strongly recommend becoming a member and getting access to the extensive archive of technical papers and Bulletin articles. Specifically there is an excellent technical paper about maintenance of the keels and their mechanisms. We will do our best to support anyone interested in an Atalanta. And spending £20 in getting access to the AOA archive and membership is a perhaps the best way to help yourself.


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      Hi Doug
      Struggling to understand the specific issue you are having. Photographs? Am struggling to visualise the issue you are having.

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      Richard James

      Hello Andrew, AKA Bear Grills,

      Servicing the keels and hoist mechanism is easy once you have done your homework and read all the advice in the Tech Paper and other owners’ top tips. I agree with Nick that you should join the AOA for only £20 a year and you will not believe the amount of support you will be offered.
      Cheers, Richard, Secretary

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