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    Trevor Thompson

    Does anyone have a copy of drawing A24489 which seems to be for an emergency tiller.


    At least I think it is A…. – although it might be B….


    Well at least the number is 24489!

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      David Walworth

      Michelle and I were going through our collection of Atalanta drawings seeing which ones we have and we both swear we saw one labeled Emergency tiller” but then we went back through them and can’t seem to find.  Will look again.  If we do have I can have it scanned in full size and email it.

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      Trevor Thompson

      It would be brilliant if you did have it.


      Scanned copy would be even better!


      Thanks Trevor


      Sorry for delay been away at sea! (Not on Calista)

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      colin twyford

      I made up an emergency tiller some years ago, it is only a pole that fits over the forward end with a pin to drop in that secures it.  It is kept above the S’ board bunk.  When I visit “Hiran” again I will take photo’s.  It has not been used in an emergency, but seems to control the rudder.  The length is important as it is used in the confines of the rear cabin and would mean an open hatch.  If there was a real problem I am sure that an open hatch would be worth the suffering.


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