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    Stephen McCann

    Hi all,

    Have been beginning to dream how to tweak A89 and make her easier to sail single handed and bring her uptodate (got a mast refit/spinnaker set up / and addition of forestay to add redundancy away from the fixed furler system already booked in). I found the joy of Barton Winchers (not yet fitted) as a cost effective self-tailing add on and have begun to think about how i can take the lines from the boom/mast and bring them back to the cockpit. Whilst they are probably grand where they are, I love the sight of lines neatly captured by clutches/jammers and ready for a winch/hand draw.

    To that end, does anyone have good pictures of how they have done that on theirs bearing in mind the gentle curvature of the companionway.

    Thanks All!



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      Gregory Manning

      I sail single handed but with the boat as was, and as a hanker.  Whilst I have seen boats with lines to the cabin roof my concern would be the added strain on the blister which is was not made to take.  I would think the most important aspect of such a modification is a bracket between the blister and the bulkhead to take the extra stress.

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