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    Some news items recently arrived about a few of the 30-odd boats that were originally sold to owners in North America.

    First, Gretchen Piston Ogden wrote to let us know that her father Peter Piston passed away in January this year, and his boat, A77 Blue Goose, has been sold to Tim Mallete in New Hampshire. Tom is planning to restore A77, and we look forward to assisting him in any way we can.

    Gretchen also sent this link to John Denny’s web page advertising his A88 Tenga for sale:


    As you can see, John has done a terrific job of looking after A88. The 2007-08 Bulletin has an account of A88’s voyage in company with A51 Bacardi, along the Georgia Strait between British Columbia and Vancouver Island. 

    Finally, some not so good news: Clayton Loushay who previously owned A97 Joanne, wrote to report that an Atalanta hull, which he believes to be A97 has been seen at an illegal dump near Athens, Pennsylvania. The boat can clearly be made out on Google Maps at location 41.972776,-76.611856. Harry Budden who owns A38 The Beaver in Canada, hopes to be able to check it out when he visits the area in March.

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      Clayton Lushay has emailed with more news about the hull illegally dumped in Pennsylvania, USA, believed to be that of A97:

      A while back I had notified you about the 26 that I had previously owned being in an illegal dump. This last week I was able to get up there and take a look at it. The boat has been stripped and it is so rotten that it is well past saving. I appreciate the clubs concern and I apologize to if anyone had wasted time trying to find out nore about the boat. i love the boats and still hope to have another one someday soon.”

      Many thanks to Clayton for taking the time to track down the remains of A97, and let’s hope his wish is soon fulfilled!

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