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    murray reid

    Surely there must be a flurry of activity up in the Northern hemisphere??   How are the annual refits going? Anyone sailing?

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      Fairey Mary

      Unfortunately this year I am mostly refitting my bank balance.  Meaning I would be lucky if I get a good two week break.  Which I plan for August.

      I have, hopefully not a self delusional, hope that the marina will give Mary a coat of paint over our winter.  But I am not sure if I exude sufficient ignorance or wealth to be put at the head of the queue.  After all they have seen me take cold showers for a week in March because I am too tight to pay for a B&B.

      Other than that it is the Cambridge beer festival this week… http://www.cambridgebeerfestival.com/ .  There is also the 3 rivers race on the Norfolk broads http://www.threeriversrace.org.uk at the end of the month.  It is not all drizzle and 10 hours a day behind a keyboard 😉

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