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      Dominic Dobson

      Karen and I have booked accommodation who else plans on going


    • #20139
      Nick Phillips

      Hi Dom.

      Excellent news – it will be great to catch up with you both.
      [aoa_restrictCurrent situation is Mike & Sheila, Richard & Julia (I think), Bernard, Joe & Michelle. Oh, and me. Most B&B-ing in Bowness but I am camping and I think Richard too.
      Others (including Trevor and Dinah, John of F53) have  expressed interest but awaiting confirmations…..  Hoping also to attract a few more from Southern Scotland / North England.


    • #20140
      Mike Dixon

      Be great to see you both.  Nick’s given  the current list of names.  Only addition I have is a positive response from Bill K in Fife.  So it’s beginning to look like it’s all coming together!


    • #20190

      Hi everyone.
      As with so much in life just now, Wild on Windemere has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak. See Mike’s post on the home page.
      We very much hope (with little confidence) that we may be able to run our other events later in the year but the risks are too high too contemplate visiting Windemere in May.

      I hope that everyone is coping with the extreme circumstance in which we all find ourselves.
      Keep safe!

      …. embryonic thought, what about a virtual cruise in company later instead …..

Viewing 3 reply threads
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