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    Looking through the archive of Bulletins I came across this photograph of A8 Arabesque from 1959.

    It looks like an imaginative way of dealing with a rotting stern deck?  The boat was based in Kenya, so maybe rain was less of a problem……

    The photograph was accompanied by the following letter:

    I am still trying to have some good pictures taken of various modifications I have to Arabesque to suit local conditions.  The after cabin has been replaced by a large cockpit, suitable for deep-sea fishing.  I have an inboard installation of an 18h.p. Evinrude outboard, in a well at the stern.  The central cockpit seats open from the top to increase stowage efficiency and ease of access.  A large folding table in the cockpit is for use at moorings. It makes use of the tiller as a prop.

    Peter Bentley, Kenya

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