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    Hi all.

    Sweet Sue’s keel renovations are moving along nicely. As ever though one job reveals other jobs that need attention. We’ve rebuilt the prow after finding rot under the anchor plate and have also found ingress and a crack in the cabin top under the clutches, portside. Keel assembly this week now that we have seals and new veneers for cabin top.

    My question: I am starting to think about other projects I’d like to undertake. I am considering a way to convert the two bunks in the aft cabin to a more salubrious double bunk that fills the void in the centre of the aft cabin and that can be folded away/stowed. Has anyone done something similar?…would love to see what others have done.

    keels down


    prow cut back

    cabin top clutch plate

    making good - prow

    keels back to bear metal and treated


    Many thanks,

    Ryan A138

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      Chris Green

      Hi Ryan

      Congratulations on the refit progress.

      Members have carried out various modifications to make better use the large aft cabin area. I have revamped the aft cabin on Elle to provide a double athwart bunk and other modifications. Had the same layout on Atalanta  “Jaunty” which worked well. The full Elle refit (including aft cabin work) can be accessed under A169 blogs – found by selecting the Atalanta register link from the “Register” link on top menu bar. In the Atalanta register under A100 you can also access the Sailing Today review of Jaunty which shows the aft cabin modification. NB: Since posting the A169 refit blogs, have also added a holding tank.

      I hope this is helpful.





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