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      Fairey Mary

      I don’t know where the racing will be I guess it will depend on the wind direction.  But I have a plan to head out Saturday afternoon to anchor up near the action and have a few beers.  If anybody is in the area and wants to catch up in the evening I think they have a meal in the light ship.  Details are on the SYH website.

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      Nick Phillips

      What a brilliant idea. I would love to join you but I have already got commitments on the Sunday.  Sounds perfect – The Orwell, a collection of classic and modern yachts, a well-found Atalanta and a fridge full of beer. [Yes folks, Atalanta Mary includes a fridge!]

      Drop us some pics of the event. Not just the racing, the beer as well…..

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      Richard James

      I will see you there Alistair. We need to do a fair bit of maintenance on Colchide and meet some people at and around SYH about the AOA60 event planned for 24-31 August 2018, full details of which should be on this website by 1 July 2018.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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