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      Doug Odgers

      The brake was off.

      The expander looked like this.

      Have I done something wrong?

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      Nick Phillips

      Hi Doug

      Something doesn’t look quite right but the (Knott) brakes on my trailer are quite different.
      Hopefully someone will know more.
      Alternatively can you whip another hub off for comparison?



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      Mike Dixon

      Seems to be a lot of springs in there Doug.  Not sure what they’re all supposed to be doing.  Would echo Nick’s idea of having a comparison look at one of the other hubs.

      Cheers, Mike

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      Dominic Dobson

      From what I can remember looks about right assuming I had it right when I set them up!! Originally came from an old plant trailer bought at farm sale so unknown vintage.

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      Doug Odgers

      Thanks Dominic and everyone.

      Must indeed be correct as last Friday I got the trailer back up to Sherborne, although shouted at in the village of Broadmaine, as a passerby thought the jockey wheel was touching the ground  – well it was, what’s to shout about!

      Now talking to my ‘hook’ man about getting a higher ‘ball hook’ on my little Vauxhall Corsa.

      Again, thanks all.



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      Richard James

      Her is a photo of A 89’s trailer brakes, for comparison:



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      Doug Odgers

      Thanks Richard, that seems to make mine look correct.



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