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    Robbie Cormie

    Hi good people.

    Happy New Year to you all.

    I’m an using plan number C24595 to make the forward, middle and rear trailer chocks for Sabrina.

    Does anyone know the distance from the centre chock to the forward chock and also the distance from the centre cock to the rear chock or is here another plan I need to get hold of to show their positions on the trailer?

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      Timothy Mallette

      There are two chocks, or wood cradles on the A77 trailer.  They are spaced the same distance as the main diagonal bulkhead to the rear bulkhead.  I may have plan C24595 so I’ll check it later.

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      There are lists of drawings under “Shop”, I think B19564 shows the distances between chocks. I”l ask Trevor to confirm.


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      Timothy Mallette

      What I stated below is not correct.  The span distance between the rear and the middle chock is nearly equal to the distance between the bulkheads on either side of the cockpit, not from the aft bulkhead to the diagonal bulkhead.  On the trailer shown in the photo the distance is 1911 mm, or 75.25 inches. The drawing I was alluding to is C26826 which is for depicting how to tie the boat down. It does not have dimensions labelled but one chock is at the midpoint between the axles and the rear chock is at the very rear of the trailer.

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      Timothy Mallette

      And the center to center distance from the middle to the forward chock is 140.5 inches or 3569 mm

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      Regarding drawing B19564, Trevor says:

      Sorry B19564 does not show the distance between the supports. That information is on C24586 (which we do not have a copy of).

      However one can guess that the chocks are intended to fit in the gaps between the angle beams on the trailer shown on drawing B19564. If you look closely you will see three pairs of angle iron beams crossing the trailer with the leg of the angle uppermost, the outer sets forming slots 3 3/4 inches apart and 3 1/2 inches apart. The beams for supporting the boat are 3 3/4 and 3 1/2 inches wide.  Not so easy to see where the third set fit though.

      On the other hand the dimensions can be found by measuring the distance between the Aft Cabin front bulkhead and the main diagonal bulkhead. The beams go one under each bulkhead.

      Hope that this helps.

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      Robbie Cormie

      Thank you Chaps

      Your information is brilliant.

      Not exactly trailer building weather, but gets me out of the house.

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      Trevor Thompson

      Just for clarification – there was an error in the information I passed to John, and which he posted in this thread. The main chocks do go under the two bulkheads at each end of the cockpit. One does not go under the diagonal bulkhead.

      I was confused for a while by the differences between Titanias and Atalantas. I have the chocks in a different place on my Titania.

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      Robbie Cormie

      Cheers Trevor

      That’s brilliant and will be very simple distance to measure.

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      Simon Garratt

      I have a copy of C24586 and it gives the dimension of the middle chock as 6’2” from the aft one (centre line of chock to centreline) and 11’6” from the forward one.

      Hope that helps – it’s always nice to have the exact measurements.

      If you want a copy of the plan I could sort one out for you?



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      Robbie Cormie

      Hi Simon,

      Thank you. That’s brilliant.

      If you wanted to send a copy I would be very grateful. my email is rcormie@hotmail.co.uk



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