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    Jonathan Reynolds

    I have not launched Achates down a slip with the trailer before and am considering this in a couple of weeks.  I appreciate it’s a rather different challenge with the fixed hull trailer supports as opposed to rollers.  Just wondered please if there are any experts that could offer proceedure tips to avoid damaging boat or tow vehicle and creating entertainment for onlookers

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      Chris Green

      Jonathan – when using the standard Atalanta trailer for launching (the method I have used):  if possible, back the  trailer onto the slipway as far as you   can at low water – uncouple from vehicle which is moved out of  the tidal range; connect a hefty strop  from trailer to  tow bar for recovery. Then just wait for the tide to carry her off.  NB: Essential to secure the wooden chocks onto the trailer – have had one float off under the boat before – very embarrassing! One other point is docking arms on the trailer are very useful for recovery – can be  managed without, but boat not always perfectly aligned.

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      Hi Jonathan. I am no expert but have donee it once with an Atalanta and many times with a Broads yacht. With the fixed supports you need the boat to float off upwards, not try and slide her backwards on the trailer supports.  Which means getting the trailer deep and like Chris says you are unlikely to do that with the trailer connected to the car tow hitch.

      Ideally a day with no cross wind and no swell, to avoid bumping the boat on corners of supports and so on.
      I think that Richard Hall launches this way – his contact details in the year book.

      Out of interest – where are you launching? The start of another family summer afloat?
      Cheers, Nick

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      Jonathan Reynolds

      Thanks very much Chris and Nick, really helpful.

      We’re launching from the Kingsbridge public slip which is very sheltered, not cross tide and not too hectic with other users.  Plans are not very adventurous mainly anchoring up and using the boat for a week or two as a base whilst we race dinghies in Salcombe regatta (a very scaled down version this year).

      Hope you have / are having a good season.

      All the best



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      Kingsbridge will be a good launch spot, we are going there on Sunday if you need a hand then.

      I would say give yourself loads of time to get ready so you don’t have to rush as you miss a tide.

      The trailer will need to be completely submerged before she floats off so you cannot attached a vehicle directly, a strong strop will work but you do not want this to snap! The jockey wheel takes a battering during all this, the load goes through it with no towing vehicle, so make sure it is really strong as well.

      Ideally you have two helpers.

      I have launched at Saltash twice with the trailer and it was fine both times.



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      How did it go? Any photos?

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      Jonathan Reynolds

      Hi Nick.  It’s still to come, planned for this Thursday and I will make sure we get some photos to post.  Thank you George for the offer above, help would have been great but we were not quite ready to launch then.

      Can I just ask further on recovery please.  Do you submerge the trailer near the top of the tide and then dock boat with trailer (no docking arms unfortunately) or some other way? And then do you try and winch the trailer and boat towards the tow vehicle or wait for the tide to recede and couple up?  Also any key tips for trailer care/maintenance after the event.  We’re not dunking the trailer out of choice and, amongst other things, am wondering about the effect on brake cabling (wires inside outer plastic sheathing) and if there’s a way to mitigate problems there.

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