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    Andrew Cross recently purchased A137 Baby Seal from Carsington Sailability in Derbyshire, and many of us will recall admiring her on her brand new trailer at our meeting there in July 2009.

    Andrew will be in Spain until he returns to UK in March 2012, and meanwhile he needs to have Baby Seal towed from Derbyshire to somewhere on the coast, where he’ll fit her out and sail away down the West coast of Europe.

    As he won’t need the trailer after that, he is willing to give it to anyone who can tow Baby Seal down from Derbyshire and keep her secure until he returns from Spain.

    Any takers? Please get in touch with me via the Contact Us page, or directly with Andrew Cross via this site.


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      HI, We may be interested , we have space in somerset where Baby seal could be stored outdoors, perhaps tarped over. We also have a Toyota Landcruiser whith which we tow our Atalanta, Quinteffence, and I have a lot of trailer towing experience.

      Our farm is 30 miles from Bridport( West Bay) and Lyme Regis

      We slipway launch/recover quinteffence each season, Quinteffences’ trailer is getting very old and is very heavy (made out of 4″ U channel) and a modern version would be welcome.

      Tarn Aitken

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      Tarn & Frances, Many thanks for picking this up. I will email you separately with contact details. John

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