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    Stephen McCann

    Hello All,

    Been enjoying taking Colchide out on the Solent when I can but am keen to make her nice and shiny – given her location on the Hamble – does anyone know of a decent paint shop (by that I mean reasonable and good!) that would do her justice on the top deck. I don’t quite have the luxury of time yet… Plus I can’t be turning up to Portsmouth on 12 May in rag order…


    Steve A89

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      Nick Phillips

      Hi Steve.  Its great to hear you are having fun with Colchide – she looks to be enjoying her new home on the Hamble. And will do so even more with a new coat!

      In any wooden boat painting situation you need to consider what a repaint might involve. It is not uncommon to find small defects as you strip the existing layers of paint.  So it is good to find someone who is also able to make these good in an appropriate way before painting.  Boatyards are an obvious call but could be expensive?  An individual boatbuilder / finisher might be a cheaper solution. Unfortunately I can’t help with any names. Hopefully someone will help on here, or you could ask for recommendations through your club or even at places like The Elephant Boatyard who do a lot of wooden yacht work.


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      Mike Dixon

      Hi Steve,

      Sorry, can’t help with suggesting a ‘trusted tradesman’.

      Agree with Nick though, that it’s as well to strip right back to bare wood before re-coating.  Better to deal with soft spots rather than discovering them at a later stage.  Atalantas are well known for harbouring less than sound areas on the decks where water has been allowed to stand.  Just a fact of life and no reflection on former ownerships – but it does happen all too often.



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