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    Fairey Mary

    Ok so over the colder months I have been catching up on YouTube.  Lets face it the telly is officially rubbish now..

    I came across this bloke (sampsonboat) and as much as I cringe when I see the work he has taken on I admire what he is doing.  But it is a bit more than that in the more recent episodes he has interviewed modern ‘classic’ boat builders.  It certainly puts my efforts into perspective and shows what can be done with determination (and a bit of knowledge).

    It is a huge thing I ended up becoming a patron, because I want to support what he is doing, that is a personal choice.  In a curious way I feel his ‘blogging’, although grander in scale, is somewhat like my blogging my trip.  I am only glad I didn’t attempt a two handed chainsaw .. and a $6000 keel timber.

    I don’t think he is the only ‘internet star’ on the up and I am glad these people exist they are better watching than the telly…  Who knows @Mike Dixon perhaps you should get a camera and video the rebuild of A1..

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      Nick Phillips

      This guy is amazing.  I have been following him in less detail through the pages of the Classic boat mags (reflecting a generation-al difference here I suspect).  His rebuilding of the Folkboat, subsequent single-handed sail across the Atlantic, winning of Regattas and then taking on Tally-Ho are all mind-boggling achievements.

      And the blog is fantastic – thanks for highlighting it.  There goes my weekend…….


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      Mike Dixon

      To coin a ‘yooff’ phrase – awesome.  I fear that my efforts pale into insignificance – so, no, I’m not about to get into the whole camera, video etc thing.  Nick and I have had tentative talks about what I could do though.  Mike

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      Richard James

      Wow, what a great website, full of interesting tips from this like-able young chap. Highly recommended to watch this.


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      Richard Pollard

      Taking FM’s suggestion to it’s logical conclusion, it would be very worthwhile if a series of youTube videos could be made to introduce the A26 and A31, explain their history, show their unique double lifting boards + mechanism’s, describe the construction method and show them sailing. Further videos could show maintenance and how to replace rotten areas, toe rails, service the lifting mechanisms etc..

      Atalanta are out of the main stream now so we have to promote them to raise awareness and curiosity.

      For sure those selling their boats show make videos and both attach them to the adverts and post on  youTube…

      How very modern.


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      Nick Phillips

      Richard – I love your ideas building on Alistair’s original post and there is definitely a lot we could do. The challenge is having the time, technology and capability to use it but I am enthused by this thread.  A relatively simple start might be to do as you say and do some feature videos on the unique aspects of the Atalanta.   I need to catch up with Alistair and his GoPro……..

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