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    Nick Phillips

    Jonathan provided details of his gunwale repairs in his latest post about A183 Bluster’s restoration. In this post he also provided a photo of a crack between the aft deck and cockpit:
    Vertical crack at forward end of aft deck

    I found it particulary interesting because there were much less extreme signs of stress in the same place on Helene. I have always assumed that this was due to a ‘sagging’ of the aft end where it hangs over the back of the trailer, although I could not find any distortion in the hull, centreline or rubbing strakes to support this. I have always supported the boat under just forward of the keg when out of the water.

    Have other people had issues with this area of the deck?
    Is this caused when on the trailer? A lot of boats have spent many more years on a trailer than Bluster and not exhibited the issue, to my knowledge.


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