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    Doug Odgers

    A90 still in refurbishment.

    As I continue I realise, especially in the main cabin I am walking around on the inside surface of the hull.

    What have others done about sole boards ?

    I appreciate some head room will be lost.

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      Mike Dixon

      Hi Doug,

      Walking around directly on the inside of the hull to be avoioded – unless the boat is afloat when there is a good solid mass of water on t’other side of the hull.

      As to sole boards, I believe I’m correct in saying that originally, Faireys had a simple arrangement where 1/4 ” ply shaped sheets were laid on the stringers.  This was reasonable when the surface was relatively flat but became an issue when the two dimensional curves became more pronounced as you went for’d.  The sole boards were also prone to slide around in a seaway, just when you wanted a good firm surface on which to place your wellies.  Many owners took to screwing the sole boards to the stringers, but all sorts of detritus and belly fluff accumulated inbetween the sole boards and the hull, which over time began to smell quite alarmingly.

      Hope this helps!



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      Just to echo Mike’s comments about not walking on the hull and references to belly fluff….

      Helene has 6 1/4″ boards which fit onto the stringed between ‘hog’ and bunk side, with battens to space between to space them out.
      They can be seen in this photo of Helene when I bought her https://atalantaowners.org/a124-helene-broker-003/

      Helene’s are actually a tight fit, particularly once they have been stood on. I like the arrangement because it maximises headroom. It would be simple to add wooden turnbuttoms to the bunk sides to keep the boards in place. They are held in place already by the ‘hog’ dues to the acute angle between hull and ‘hog’ vertical side.



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      Doug Odgers

      Nick, thanks.

      Those 1/4 ”  thick boards, are they painted with a grit non-slip paint ?



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      Gregory Manning

      Might I suggest Robbins Timber in Bristol who might have suitable faced boards that would be ideal.

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