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    Doug Odgers

    As Officer Of the Day (OOD – Oh  did I feel important!),  on an unusually quiet day at Redclyffe Y C on the River Frome,  I was looking through the club photo album.

    There,  in one photo was a lovely motor sailor alongside the club pontoon.

    Then I noticed coming in ‘from stage left’ into the background of the picture  was this . . .

    . . .

    She would have been coming out of Redcliff Farm boat park in the early ’80s.

    So, What SHIP?  &  WHO ?





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      It is great when we find new images from the past which need investigating.
      And can be very frustrating.

      A search of the registers yields no ‘hits’ for Redclyffe or Redcliff.
      There is one hit for Wareham, and about ten for Poole in the 1970s-1980s. But no more specific clues.

      So we need someone who recognises the photo / boat….

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