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    Simon Garratt


    Has anyone attempted or indeed succeeded in taking this apart. The bearing in Gambol has a lot of play in it (I have a spare though this is currently seized). It took a lot of force to get the small securing bolt (no 11 on the drawing & vertical hole in the photo) out of the one in Gambol which, according to drawing A24251 should be “light driving fit”.

    I have tried hammering the centre of the bearing aft but without success. I am not sure if I have misunderstood how this goes together?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Many thanks,




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      Dominic Dobson

      when I took this apart i needed to use a lot of heat on the collar to free it up from the spindle I also used a stilson with a pipe as leverage to spin the collar whilst wedging the inner spindle so that it couldnt move. I used a mix of oil and petrol as an anti sieze the petrol carries the oil into the mechanism by capilary action and then evaporates away (dont apply the heat until the petrol has dispersed) When heating be careful with the flame as its easy to scorch the wood.



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      Simon Garratt


      Many thanks – heat and rotation has sorted out the replacement. The one on Gambol is still putting up a fight – I will have another go in the next few days.


      Many thanks again,




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      murray reid

      Hi Simon

      check out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/l_atalante/sets/72157608585108667/

      For photos of getting one apart and all of the components. The one I got apart was my spare, I had to cut the one on the boat into bits to get it off. The spare came on a chunk of bulkhead attached so whoever I inherited it from had a few problems too!! I ended up recycling some parts and having new ones made.

      Trevor has the drawings.

      Murray A87 

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      Timothy Mallette

      Hi Simon,

      I’ve had trouble getting it apart too, nice to have someone to share the misery with.

      Try heat and oil, if the oil is squirted after heating it’ll be drawn further in.  I was able to 

      get a stuck brake rotor off this way which is similar in that the metal had corroded together.

      This isn’t my biggest problem so I’ve put it on the back burner.  I’ll give it another try soon and

      get back to you.

      Good Luck,


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      Simon Garratt

      Murray, Tim

      Many thanks for both your responses – it’s really appreciated. Now that I have seen Murray’s photos and have managed to get my spare apart (though it’s not in as good a condition as I had hoped) I am less concerned about the one on Gambol failing.

      I still can’t get the one off Gambol despite lots of heat, freeing spray, oil and blows with a lump hammer.

      I will have another go at the end of the season (I think I will end up cutting it off) and put up with the excessive play – I have wasted enough time on it for now!

      Many thanks again,




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      Chris Green

      I recently dismantled the whipstaff bearing assembly for Kerry Piper and had the same problem. I ended up taking it to a local engineering workshop where they managed to sweat it off!

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      Trevor Thompson

      Nothing to add about taking it apart! Just adding information on how I repaired Calistas bearing.


      I bored out the outer tube, and cleaned the shaft up in the lathe. I then made up a phospor bronze bush to press into the tube in the lathe, and finished off the inner diameter of the bush to be a good sliding fit with the shaft. I drilled through the grease hole and made a slot along the bush to distribute the grease along the shaft.


      Not that I think you all have lathes in your garrages, but it can be repeated by taking it to an engineering workshop.

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