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    Doug Odgers

    Two whipstaff issues :

    1.  Steel yoke connection at bottom of whipstaff digging into “threshold” of after cabin companion way – no matter how much I try to remember to lean it slightly forward when helming  – solution please ?


    2. A90 came with a navionics autohelm. Again, how should the whipstaff be held up  when autohelm in use ?


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      Mike Dixon


      1.  Not sure I understand the problem.  Am I correct in thinking that the ‘yoke’ is gouging the woodwrk on the for’d side of the aft cabin bulkhead?  In which case what happened to the metal flange and sleeve arrangement  bolted through the bulkhead?  Have you a picture?

      2.  Suggest nipping up the bolt at the foot of the whipstaff so that the whipstaff can’t flop forward.  Makes it rigid of course, but will solve the problem.  If you don’t want to do this, then a light line made fast at either end of the horse and dropped over the fore side of the whipstaff ought to prevent it flopping forward.  Not too tight a line though.

      Aye Mike

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      Doug Odgers

      Thanks Mike, where could I find pictures of the sleeve and metal flange ?

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      Does this help?


      Helene, whipstaff, 2022

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      Doug Odgers

      Thanks Mike that is helpful. Now considering making a version  of that athwart ship ‘protector’ out of stainless steel. I’ll let you know how I get on.

      Many thanks.

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