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      I wanted a way to control Helene’s  whipstaff while I was otherwise occupied, and thought about the peg-board and belaying pin system I had seen on a Maurice Griffith Golden Hind. After a few iterations I had a working model, using 11mm doweling. The only problem was that if I leaned against the dowels they broke. I then though about using heavy-duty Velcro, and it works a treat.

      I was also interested to see if I could use an 18v portable electric drill to lower and raise the keels. A local engineering shop used the hand crank to make a bit from mild steel. It takes about 20 seconds from fully up to fully down. You just have to keep a good hold of the drill!

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      Jonathan Stearn

      I like the idea of using a portable drill for raising and lowering the keels. Much simpler than converting to hydraulics!

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      Mike Dixon

      I like both these ideas – very neat Jim!


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