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    Paul Jones

    Hi I have just recently bought Brother Jack (T4)from Keith Shawcross on the IOM. We are set to take her out of the water early September for quayside storage for the winter. I had a good discussion with a guy who worked for Fairey building the Firefly’s and kitting out the Atalanta’s. Anyway I digress, my main enquiry is what is the best way to sheet her down for the winter so as to ensure I dont come arrive back to a pile of mushrooms. Many Thanks Paul

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    colin twyford

    Have a pole set up the length of the boat at the height of the raised horse, have good stout covers the whole length and leave both ends open to allow free movement of air.  If you wish to do any work aboard during the winter, cover the cockpit area with builders transparent cover.

    Colin Twyford A95 “Hiran”

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    Paul Jones

    Thanks Colin.

    I know Keith is an old hand at this but as I am new to this I am just trying to do all the research I can.

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