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Clever Interiors

What sort of accommodation does an Atalanta have?

Well if we start at the bow, there is a traditional forward heads. Behind that there is a saloon, with a berth on each side. Then there is a structural bulkhead separating the saloon from the galley/chart area. Aft of the galley and chart space is the cockpit. Under the stern deck there is an aft cabin with 2 full length berths.  Follow the photos below to take a tour around the inside of Emma Duck, starting in the bows and going aft on the starboard side first:

Heads and Main Saloon

the interior heads and saloon

A179 Emma Duck. Main salmon, forward end, with the sliding doors separating off the heads in the focsl. Note the lockers behind the seats.

the interior heads

A179 Emma Duck. Main saloon. showing sliding doors to heads open, and the backrest locker.

the interior main cabin shelves

A179 Emma Duck. Rear corner of the main saloon, showing a shelf on the forward side of the main bulkhead.

Galley and Chart Space

the interior galley and chart space

A179 Emma Duck. Between the main bulkhead and the cockpit on the starboards side. Slide out Sink, (typical plastic sink fitted to many Fairey sailing boats) slides under the chart table. Quarter berth underneath. Note keel raising handle at bottom of photo and just forward of the handle one of the lifting points for the three legged strop.

the interior galley

A179 Emma Duck. Galley Sink has been slid under the charitable. Cutlery drawer can be seen under the charitable. No cushion on the quarter berth. Note the markings on the keel hoist mechanism cover showing draft depending on how deep the keel has been lowered.


A179 Emma Duck. Galley area between the main saloon and the cockpit on the port side. Gimballed gas cooker.

Aft Cabin


the interior stern cabin

Not many comforts in the stern cabin yet.