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The Online Index is structured around three key attributes


Document Type Boat Class Document Subject
Brochures & Adverts – Fairey Marine literature
Fairey Marine Drawings – Original design drawings
AOA Papers – Technical & other papers on popular subjects
AOA Bulletins – full of practical help
Magazine and Newspaper Articles – Reviews, Cruises & so on
Books – There a quite a few books which reference Atalantas
31=Atalanta 31
a. Brochures & Adverts
b. Class Reviews and Appreciations
c. Boat Commentaries
d. Engines
e. Rig, Sails and Tuning
f. Keel Gear
g. Hull and Decks
h. Rudder & Self Steering
i. Trailers and Trailing
j. Interior – Mods, Equipment & Gadgetry
k. Exterior – Mods, Equipment & Gadgetry
l. History
m. Cruises & Cruising
n. AOA Events
o. General
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The Online Index is structured around three key attributes

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