Hi Fraser
I am sorry to hear that Blue Jackaroo has deteriorated to this extent. The deck problems you describe typically arise from the boat being stored uncovered through the winter.

The good news is that people have been here before. I am sorry that the site has not been easier to navigate – I recognise that the search facilities are not necessarily as intuitive as they might be. Something I am working on but rather slowly. I use the ‘Interactive Index’ available on the Archive page, and the general site search option (top right ‘looking glass’). You will need to try a few searches as different people tag items differently – try ‘repair’, ‘deck’, ‘laminating’, and so on.

With regards to laminating the repair the following may be helpful:

  • Annual Bulletins here
    • 2008-9 page 16
    • 2009-10 page 3
    • 2010-11 page 44
    • 2012-13 page 16
  • Mike Dixon’s recent post about his laminating on A1
  • There is also a Fairey drawing showing how to do repairs but shockingly I could not find it on the website. I will get it added and send to you.
  • As far as possible you should try to match the thickness of your repair veneers to the existing sound veneers – I suspect nearer the 2mm thant 3mm on the decks?

For stiffening up the decks you can try Paper S from the Technical papers, accessible here. I have personally done this ‘doubling up’ on Helene and it has been extremely successful. I don’t think you will necessarily need additional ribs if you double up the decks from below.

I hope the above helps. Good luck with the repairs and let us know how you get on.