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      Hi guys

      Does anyone have any pictures of details on how this thing fits on? Mines seems smaller than the others I have seen and I am struggling to find any details.


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      Hi Fraser

      I don’t think there is a standard tent arrangement (if there ever was it has got lost in the mists of time).

      I have a very ‘heath-robinson’ affair on Helene (one of the jobs that never got to the top of the list!)
      Have you seen the posts about Hiran’s tent here and Chris Green’s excellent tent on A169 Elle here?

      They often make use of the boom sitting on the mainsheet horse in its raised position.
      Have you got any photos of your cover ?



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      Thanks Nick, i had had a look at those 2 and mines looks like the second arrangement. I will get some pictures when I get a chance. We are thinking of using it this winter or possibly building a frame to cover the cockpit since she will spend it outside. Would this tent slide on when needed or do you leave it on generally?



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