The AOA maintain a Fairey Atalanta 26 Register aiming to record the history of all Atalanta 26 sailing yachts since they were built.

The Atalanta 26 Register details 187 yachts built in the ten years of 1956 to 1966, including a handful of hulls that were sold as kits. This is in addition to the 24′ Prototype A1 called Atalanta which is still around on the East Coast. A small number of ‘Mark 1’ Atalanta 26s were built before Fairey established the Mark 2 which had a variety of enhancements. Most of the boats are Mark 2 although a small number of Mark 3s were made in the very lsat years of production.

Fairey Atalanta 26 Register build numbers

Some headlines from the Register:

  • Still Sailing: Nearly half of the Atalantas built are still sailing or being actively restored.
  • Atalantas Lost at sea include: A2, Tellulah, which disappeared with her crew in a storm in the Channel (August 1980); A56, Yambo, sunk in the Atlantic in 1982, crew rescued; Aku, broken on rocks Isla Santa Cruz during an intended round the world voyage; A131, Strega, destroyed by fire in the Channel, the crew were rescued by Norwegian tanker. Bulletin 1961/62.
  • Atalantas Accidentally Lost include: A131, Strega, A153, Serenity and A173, Peace, were lost by fire whilst ashore.
    A14, Loutre, A126, Apple, A178, Endevoured and T5, Solway Tide, were all lost or damaged whilst on moorings. No loss of life was involved in any of these four events. A130,Castanet, was retired to the garden overlooking the Clyde. A163, Sounion, was sold as a children’s playground.
  • Atalantas Broken up include: A19, Valare, A30, Trio, A36, Aquila, A118, Sunstream (one of two Atalantas with rear cockpits), A157, Quatorze, A181, Cirdan and A186 Ilversden. In most cases, various parts of the boats have been recovered to use or sold as spares.

AOA Fairey Atalanta 26 Register

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